When leaving treatment, many men and women have limited options. Independent living is difficult and recovery homes offer an attractive alternative to many other housing options. Reaching and impacting the lives of those in recovery is a difficult task, but building and running a business in order to do so is even more difficult. This system includes all handbooks, template documents, certification support, software, policies, resident and House Manager resources, and other back-end resources.

Sober house Operators fill the gap between treatment and independent living. Our mission is to help sober house Operators build recovery home communities where residents are supported in their recovery journey. The Dartmouth Home is a eco sober house rating pending MASH Certified sober house in Springfield, Massachusetts, serving women in their recovery journey. The sober living home is located in the McKnight Neighborhood, a historic residential community in the heart of Springfield.

Our Dartmouth recovery residence is a beautiful home with an even more beautiful recovery community. Addiction recovery does not end with discharge after completing a rehab program. We lead structured sober houses where men and women in recovery live together as a community Drug rehabilitation and develop the tools and character to live free from substance abuse. Our homes allow for independence, but are guided by a set of recovery-focused house rules, standards, and expectations. Our sober living homes offer a recovery community support framework.

We support our residents when they are ready to transition from a sober house to independent living. Our transitional support program provides resources and support in transitioning to independent living.

Our Homes

Our residents are each in different places in their personal recovery journey. We welcome new residents who are committed to living a life of continued sobriety. Applicants must be over 18 years old and haven’t used drugs or alcohol within 14 days.

Residents of sober homes pay simple and low weekly or monthly rent payments which include all costs of living in the home. Sober homes offer an opportunity for men and women to live together and Alcohol dependence support each other while pursuing a new life in recovery. The term “12 Step Program” describes a way to recover from addiction that is based on the model developed by Alcoholics Anonymous.

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A decision on your application will be made during the phone screen, in most cases. We carefully screen each applicant and conduct a telephone screen prior to approval to ensure a good Alcoholism in family systems fit in our homes. Sober homes are a business and support the livelihood of Operators around the world. The Operator pays expenses to keep the home open, and the remainder is profit.

Recovery Community

In order to obtain actual costs please contact EcoSoberHouse – Germain Estate for Women directly. Sober house certification is often misunderstood by residents and professionals alike. Certification of a recovery home is voluntary; most certifying organizations are affiliated with NARR, the National Alliance for Recovery Residences. In Massachusetts, this organization is the Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing. Apply online; someone will call you to conduct a phone screen usually within a few hours. If you are looking to make a real estate transaction, it is a good idea to have a lawyer involved to help the process.

We have strong relationships with clinical facilities, correctional facilities, and community organizations. EcoSoberHouse is committed to following best practice standards for our sober houses. We are growing, currently with homes for men and women in Worcester and Springfield, Massachusetts. Residents pay rent out of pocket, starting at $120 per week in Springfield and $140 per week in Worcester. $200 prepaid rent deposit is due when moving in, additional to your first week payment. We are a long-established law firm, having been in business since 1948. In that time, we have been dedicated to helping our clients with whatever legal matters they bring to us.

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From corporate and commercial law to family law, we want to be able to help you with your problems. Each EcoSoberHouse Operator contributes to a marketing fund.

We offer our Operators and their House Managers the opportunity to engage in immersive training at one of our homes. This is an invitation to stay in one of our homes to see first-hand how a home should be run and get to know what is required to be successful in running a home. Initial Training takes place online as well as at our headquarters in Worcester, Massachusetts. All EcoSoberHouse affiliated homes are identified on the site as “supporters”. Please ensure that your listing on the directory, as well as listings of all other homes with which you are familiar, are accurate and up-to-date. If you would like to suggest an edit, please reach out using the Contact Us form on the website. Most of our residents are referred by other organizations in the continuum of care.

We see a world where every person in recovery has access to a supportive, healthy, and safe home environment built on respect, focused on recovery, and lead by peers.

Whether an update of our available beds or an update on a resident who came from your program, we promise to communicate with you and try to make your work and our residents’ lives easier. Our staff and your new House Manager will work with you to coordinate the day and time. At your orientation, you must pass a urine drug screen and the House Manager will thoroughly search your belongings.

Length Of Treatment

Creating this listing initially is described in more detail in the appendix covering the procedure to open a new home. Approved applicants can move in as soon as there is a bed available. We can often accommodate your move-in day within 24-hours of your application. Apply online at the link below, or print a paper application and fax or email to our office. All applications are subject to approval, and providing false information on an application is grounds for terminating your residency. Residents enjoy eight large and bedrooms and four luxurious bathrooms, and expansive first-floor common space. The grounds offer a quiet covered sitting area, gardens, ivy-covered carriage house, and a private yard for group activities.

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