Poorva Vartikar

Pooja Mam is an outstanding Teacher!! She is friendly So, we feel free to ask any queries during the class !!

Study material provided is very good and it covers everything from exam point of view !! Mam’s technique of making us  write while teaching helps us to remember concepts!! Mam also guides us for exam preparations!!

PPT slides makes IDT theory interesting & helps in visualising the concepts well !!

Mohak Prabhudesai

PKD is best class for taxation..we have solved so many questions on direct tax as well as indirect  tax that during

paper, i had remembered the things which i  had not revised before the  exam, due to continues practice & revision in class,i was able to recollect it..mam has covered many problems from pm,reference books,supplementary as well as RTP…and many questions in paper were from amendment lectures only ..thank u mam

Gopesh Dawda

“PKD best for taxation”  This is what was written above the board of the class, and I frankly thought it is just like other classes who say they are ranked number 1 in India (Almost all classes say they are India’s no. 1)

But as time passed, I realised that “PKD best for taxation” was % true. The way ma’am involves each and every student who really wants to master tax is appreciable. She covers every minute point in the class and gives sufficient examples to understand. Also she helps in learning necessary things by heart in the class itself. The breaks, chocolates, personal contact and care,some celebrations for change,etc add to her uniqueness of teaching. Moreover, her guidance doesn’t stop on the last day of the class, but continues till the last minute before exam.

We all students proudly say that “PKD best for taxation”