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Dhanashree  Deshmukh

It was a great experience and time with you. Really thank you from bottom of heart because now I really don’t have any fear  about IT and SM subject. Last attempt really I was not  attempted a single question of IT subject. Today sir, I feel because I learnt IT conceptually.

Dipali Kurhadkar

It was really an amazing experience to learn from you sir. I really thankful for your valuable guidance and logical manner of study in the subject like IT. I thought IT cannot be studied logically but your grateful knowledge will make us not only pass but also provide confidence to study IT. Your teaching is simply “AWESOME WITHOUT ANY COMPARISONS”

Irfan Bagwan

Its my pleasure to attend your ITSM class. You teach us very conceptually. Your live example make the subject so interesting and live.

Karuna Shah

Sir, you have a unique style of teaching with absolute conceptual clarity which I have never seen in any other faculty. Space is not sufficient to write about sir, so please give suppliment. Thank you sir

Nitin Dawange

Your amazing skill to convert most technical subject simple by providing visualization of concepts in graphical way is outstanding. Even who hate technology will fell in love with IT. Thank you a lot sir

Nikhil Ostwal

It was a good experience with you sir since for 25-30 days and Iam surprised that how you manage to complete whole IT syllabus during such short span of time with logics, revision, test etc. You are an amazing person I have ever meet. Thanks for everything sir.

Prachi Karnavat

All the concepts were taken conceptually. It was entertaining too. Interaction with us was best.  Revision taken on daily basis is very helpful and its results were observed in the first test that boosted my confidence level. Enjoyed your all lectures.

Dipak Lokhande

You are outstanding in ITSM sir but I should say that your shayarana andaaz put life in IT subject. Please keep continuing with shayaris. It directly touches heart and soul. Thanks for being my teacher.

Mayur Jaju

When I hear about you. GOOD; At first day of lecture – BETTER; and Today i.e, your last lecture – BEST