Shreyansh Vohara

I think u delivered the concepts, solved numeric problem in best possible manner, with such tremendous examples which is quite useful to remember concepts. This technique I like most. Secondly, you teach us with your prestigious experience and share lot many things other than costing is also very mind blowing. You are quite punctual, ideal for our generation.

Smaruddhi Baj

You have taught us the approach for solving costing problem which distinguishes you from other teachers. You are quite organized and planned. You have covered all the relevant things in the framed time.

Rohan Mundaye

CA Rakesh Agrawal is best faculty on earth for costing subject. he has continuity & very much discipline. He is calm and cool and funny as well. He is Inspiring person and he is Ideal Person to all his and other studnets.

“कभी झूठ नहीं बोलते
जो भी है सच्चे है
अच्छे है ”

Shruti Bhangariya

Sir’s Teaching is just awesome. We don’t get bored in the classroom. Pattern of explaining especially the ‘Copyrights’ and trademarks pattern is fabulous. Helps us to remember the concept. test pattern i.e. tests taken for self assessment is good.

Monika Rathod

There is the best teaching  ever by the Sir and if any junior ask for the costing class, I will only suggest one and only one ‘CA Rakesh Agarwal SIr’ is best!! for costing

A very big THANK YOU to Rakesh Sir

Sejal Agrawal

Sometimes, the feel of fatherness in you. Your guidance will always with us. You are the only teacher, who can understand the feelings of students, I have ever seen. So, Thank You Sir and I am very happy to be with you. I miss you Sir, and I know you will also miss our batch.