We at Joshi academy offer the entire course of CA Final Financial Reporting exam as specified by ICAI and also provide E-Book containing large number of Questions with Answers.

What is Financial Reporting?

As we all know Accounting is one of the core subjects in the Chartered Accountancy course. The importance of this subject can be judged from the fact that at every level of CA course we have a paper on Accounting, while at Final level the name of the paper is ‘Financial reporting’.

The aim of the paper on ‘CA Final Financial Reporting ‘is to obtain comprehensive understanding of all aspects relating to financial reporting practices and you are expected to have an updated knowledge of reporting practices and valuation principles used in analyzing these financial reports.

Our Strategy:

Initially you should acquaint yourself with the syllabus of financial reporting so that you can plan your studies accordingly. Our study material of ‘CA Final Financial Reporting’ is divided in ten chapters/topics based on the syllabus. Topics covered under this paper have been grouped for the sake of your understanding.

Lot of things depends for a CA student on how well the first exam goes.

Indeed at Joshi Academy we believe that a good start can give the much needed momentum for the next seven papers to come.

A good score in CA Final Financial Reporting subject can be the game changer in CA Final Group 1 since the group comprises of two theoretical subjects of Law & Audit.

We at Joshi academy strongly believe in following points:

  • Planning – Time Management

Financial Reporting, the question paper is purely practical. So, you have to practice solving a good number of questions on each topic. Considering the practical nature of the paper, start your studies from the day you receive the course material. At final level, sure you have to undergo article ship training simultaneously, therefore, it is suggested that you should study at least twelve to fifteen hours a week.

  • Preparation of notes:

Our academy keenly focuses on preparation of notes in the first round of study only.

As our notes are prepared in such a manner that supplements your understanding of the concept to its depth. Apart from preparation of important points of the topic a summary of tricky points and adjustments gathered from the practice of various good illustrations are prepared which will help in grasping the Practical aspects.

  • Use of proper and prescribed format for account presentation:

There are number of chapters which require the solution or financial statements to be presented in particular format. We at academy make it a practice to adopt the prescribed formats while solving and presenting the accounts of particular topics.

  • Keep yourself continuously updated

We at Joshi Academy make an effort to update you with the latest amendments or notifications as and when they are issued. You should have habit to read this continuously as it will help you in avoiding last moment pressure to acquaint yourself with all the relevant amendments.

  • Keep in mind the Inter-linking of various topics